Cybersecurity is Easy, Data Breaches are Not

What is something that you dread, but know it’s something that you need to do?  We all have that one thing that may stress or overwhelm us when we think about it.  Unfortunately, many people get this feeling when they think about Cybersecurity.  Cybersecurity is meant to help you and honestly, it’s much easier than you may think.


If you’re not sure where to start, look at our list:

  1. Enable automatic updates
  2. Use Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
  3. Provide email phishing training to staff
  4. Enable email security
  5. Have a strong password policy in place
  6. Create a screen lock policy
  7. Make sure backups are current
  8. Enable Firewall Advanced Threat Protection


Did we just overwhelm you even more?  If so, you are still in luck!  We can provide you and your business with all the Cybersecurity services that are needed to keep your systems safe.  Once we set you up, all you’ll have to do is continue using your cybersecurity strategies and procedures.  We we will tell you if any of your data has been breached, that way if a password or email has been compromised you can change it immediately.


Cybersecurity is important and a lack of it can lead to data breaches that can cost you your job, savings, and much more.   It can take years to recover from a data breach, and the headache of that is far worse.  Don’t let it happen to you. Contact us to talk to one of our many Certified Cybersecurity Experts: 732-204-7100.

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