Different Phishing Techniques to Know

Did you know there are different phishing techniques that hackers use against you?  Cybercriminals will do anything to try to steal your information and cause irreparable damage.

It’s beneficial to know which techniques are used and warning signs to look out for:

  • Smishing: A form of phishing that involves a text message (SMS Phishing). They are used to trick you into sending personal information or download malware.
    – A message that asks for personal, confidential information
    – A message that asks you to click a link for any reason
    – A message that says it is from a government agency
  • Vishing: A form of phishing that involves phone calls or voice messages that are used to induce people to reveal personal information.
    – A phone call where the caller claims to be from the IRS, Medicare or Social Security
    – A phone call where the caller displays a sense of urgency
    – A phone call where the caller asks for personal information
  • Email Phishing: Emails that are intended to steal personal information or entice clicks that will download malware.
    – An email that has suspicious attachments
    – An email that has spelling or grammar errors
    – An email that has an unfamiliar tone or greeting

Cyberattacks can happen at any time.  But keep in mind, CATS Technology Solutions Group is available as an additional resource for cybersecurity support!

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