Mastering the @Mentions Feature in Office 365 Outlook

Do you need to get someone’s attention in Office 365 Outlook?  Did you know you can use the @mentions feature to direct your email message or meeting invite to someone specific?


How to:

  • Use @ in the Body of a Message or Meeting Invite
    – Enter the @ symbol, followed by the first few letters of the contact’s name.
    – Office 365 Outlook may offer you a few suggestions, and once choose the contact you want to mention, their name will also be added to the To line.
    – You also have the option of deleting part of the mention, as long as you keep the contact’s first name.
  • Filter Messages that Mention You
    – Office 365 Outlook for Windows: Above the message list, choose All. Then choose Mentioned Mail.
    – Office 365 Outlook for Mac: One the Home tab, choose Filter Email. Then choose Mentioned.
    – New Office 365 Outlook for Windows: Choose Filter (to the right of Focused and Other), then select @Mentions Me.
  • Add Mention to Email Columns to See Where You are Mentioned
    – Select View, then Current View, then View Settings.
    – Select Columns.
    – In the Show These Columns in This Order list, if Mention is not there, change the available columns to All Mail Fields.
    -Select Mention.

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