Meet Edward Aune!

Meet Edward Aune!
August 17, 2020 10:49 am

Eddy is a Technician at CATS Technology Solutions Group. He lived in North Dakota until he was 12, and then moved to West Texas, which is where he primarily spent his childhood.

Eddy started his education at South Plains College, in order to get all the small stuff out of the way. He then continued his education at Texas Tech University. There isn’t a specific moment that made him realize he wanted to pursue a career in IT, but he found that as he began tinkering and building computers, he really enjoyed it. It drove him to want to learn more and continue a more in-depth education.

In his spare time, Eddy enjoys spending time outdoors on nature walks and on the trails. He also loves the city atmosphere, and tries to hop over the bridge to NYC whenever possible. He always finds something different and interesting with every trip. At the top of his list, he loves spending time with his girlfriend.

In the future, Eddy hopes to help out our clients to the fullest potential, as well as help CATS Technology maintain the great reputation that they have already.

Fun Facts About Eddy:

  1. Big Star Wars fan (but who isn’t)
  2. I just moved to NJ about a year and half ago, from Washington state, to be with my girlfriend. I’m dedicated. That’s fun, right?!

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