Meet Michael Sherian!

January 14, 2019 10:58 am

Mike was raised in North Brunswick Township, NJ, and still lives there today, just on the other side of town.  He also received his IT training in North Brunswick, at Impetus Careers and Systems.


Mike had a very big interest in IT even at a young age.  Growing up with parents who were computer illiterate, he often had to explore things on his own and teach them about it.  Due to his parent’s uncertainty when it came to computers, there would often be viruses mistakenly downloaded every month that he would have to wipe out for them.


In his spare time, Mike really enjoys fishing.  A hobby that has stuck with him since he was three years old, he now tries to go fishing every week, depending on the weather.  If he is unable to make it during the day, he also enjoys fishing at night.


Looking to the future, Mike hopes to get involved with the security side of networking.  He feels that it is a field that is growing so rapidly, and is needed now more than ever.


Fun Facts About Mike:


  1. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and attending my son’s sporting events.   


  1. A big sports fan.  The New York Giants & New York Yankees are the teams I have followed since I was a young kid.  Watching them on tv and attending games with friends and family is a great experience.


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