Meet Mitchell Chernyakhovsky

February 18, 2019 10:07 am


Mitchell is a Technician at CATS Technology Solutions Group.  He was born in Brooklyn, NY, but spent his childhood growing up in Sayreville, NJ and Old Bridge, NJ.  He went on to study at DeVry University, where he received a Bachelor’s in Network and Communications Management.


Mitchell knew by the time he entered into high school that he wanted to pursue a career in IT.  Once he realized he was able to learn and pick up on technology quickly, that’s what really sparked his interest in the field.  It was always around him, and he found himself to be the one that was needed to take something apart or put something back together in order to resolve the issue.


In his free time, Mitchell enjoys playing video games on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.  He loves spending time with his family and friends as well.  Mitchell has a strong interest in sports, and enjoys keeping himself up to date on football and basketball news, likes to play football, and spend time weight lifting and working out.  He has a growing collection of sneakers, jerseys, hats and Funko Pops.


As Mitchell looks to the future, he doesn’t have a specific goal for what he would like to accomplish in the IT field.  He hopes to continue to learn as much as possible so he can help and complete whatever task is given to him, from start to finish, with flying colors.

Fun Facts About Mitchell:


  1. I’m always willing to help where I’m needed.
  2. My Nick Name is Meech.

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