New Vulnerability Hits Microsoft Office

June 2, 2022 3:03 pm

As a partner with Huntress, and an IT company of course, we feel it is our duty to pass along any important information they share with us.  There is a Microsoft Office zero-day vulnerability out there, called “Follina,” that can affect you as a user.


Key Takeaways to Know

  • This vulnerability is sent through malicious Office documents – mainly from Microsoft Word.
  • Email attachments, social media links, and file downloads are all ways you can receive this vulnerability – don’t open them!
  • A security patch is not available yet, but once it is your endpoints will need to be updated.


What You Can Do

  • Use caution when receiving Microsoft office documents, as well as any other attachments.
  • Make sure everyone within your company is aware and knowledgeable about this particular vulnerability.
  • Stay up to date with any big developments from the “Follina” threat as new information becomes available.
  • Contact CATS Technology Solutions Group with any questions or concerns you may have. Don’t panic – we are here to help you!


If you are under the CATS Technology Cyber Security Plan, then you are aware that we use Huntress and you are protected from this vulnerability.  If you are not, please contact our sales department ( – 732-204-7100) to implement Cyber Security within your organization.

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