Password Protection: Why You Need it & Tips to Keep in Mind

March 11, 2021 11:13 am

Recently, cyberattacks have been a popular topic of discussion.  As an IT company, it is our job to not only warn you about them but also to inform you on how to stay protected from them.  As you already know, our technicians at CATS Technology Solutions Group are certified Cybersecurity experts who will secure and monitor your system 24/7.


Having a security professional whose main focus is keeping your company safe and secure can help any unforeseen issues get taken care of before it has a chance to do any damage.  However, safety and security should not just fall on the shoulders of the IT technicians.


There are certain habits that are important to exercise on a day to day basis, one of them being password protection.  If you use the same exact password across all platforms or even keep the same password for years it makes it very easy for hackers to get in and get access to your personal information.


So how do you create a strong password?

Using a phrase from a movie or book, with minor changes is a good idea because it will make it more difficult for hackers to guess your password.  Another good strategy is stringing together four random words.  The more random your password is, the more secure it will be.  If you worry you won’t be able to remember your password, a password manager is a very useful tool.  You should never not make a secure password because you are worried you won’t remember it.


To keep it simple, here are some useful tips to always keep in mind when it comes to passwords:

–         Make your password long

–         Use a nonsense, random phrase for your password

–         Include numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and symbols

–         Don’t ever use obvious personal information

–         Don’t reuse the password across multiple platforms

–         Utilize a password manager

–         Keep your password to yourself

–         Change your password on a regular basis

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