Seasonal Scams: Winter Edition

Did you know different scams happen depending on the season?  Scammers often take advantage of the seasonal changes and target individuals based on that.  With the winter months right around the corner, let’s look at popular scams to be aware of:


  1. Holiday & Gift Scams – Afterall, it is the season of giving!
  • Fake Online Stores: Scammers create fake websites where they offer popular items at extremely low prices. The problem is, they take your money and you never receive the product.
  • Phishing Emails: Be cautious when receiving emails asking for personal or financial information, claiming to be from a well-known retailer.
  1. Travel Scams – After working hard all year, you deserve that vacation!
  • Fake Vacation Rentals: Scammers create fake listings with attractive prices. After they receive payment, the victims find out the rental doesn’t exist.
  • Phony Travel Agencies: Be aware of unsolicited calls or emails offering “too good to be true” travel deals.
  1. Winter Storm Scams – You will need more than salt and a snow shovel to battle these!
  • Fake Contractors: After a winter storm, scammers go door-to-door to offer immediate, cheap repairs. They take money upfront, and either don’t finish the project or disappear completely.
  • Insurance Scams: Be prepared to receive unsolicited calls or emails claiming to be an insurance company offering you a quick settlement for storm damage.
  1. Charity Scams – Like I said earlier, it is the season of giving!
  • Fake Charities: People’s generosity during the holiday season gets taken advantage of by scammers creating fake charities or even impersonating real ones. Always verify the legitimacy of charities before donating.


Keep yourself warm and safe this winter!  By staying vigilant, cautious and informed, you can reduce the risk of falling victim to scams this winter season and throughout the rest of the year.


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