The Importance of Employee Reporting

Do you know the expression, “If you see something, say something?”  That expression applies to many different scenarios, including cybercrimes.  Insider threats are responsible for almost half of all data breaches, with an alarming 20% or so of them being intentional.


Sometimes, employees will not want to report another employee who is involved in a data breach because they feel it will put themselves at risk or unnecessarily involve them in the situation.  However, the sooner data breaches are reported, the better.  Reporting can help strengthen and improve the Cybersecurity within a company.


There are helpful steps a company can take to make sure employee reporting is as easy and effective as possible.

  • Lessen the Risk of Employee Reporting: Employee reporting should be as simple and least stressful as possible.  If employees feel their privacy is at stake, they will most likely not report – especially if there is a risk of judgment or negative repercussions.
  • Emphasize the Positives of Employee Reporting: Employees should be trained and informed on the negative effects a data breach can have on a company. On the other side, they should understand the importance and positivity employee reporting has on a company.  After all, reporting helps protect everyone’s data and devices.
  • Employee Reporting Should Be Accessible: Having a complicated Employee Reporting system will only deter people from it.  Have one specific form of communication that people can report to (whether it be an email address to send to, a person to report to, etc.)  The process should be easy and quick.
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