Top 5 Questions to Ask CATS Technology Solutions Group

September 27, 2018 1:49 pm

           Are you in need of a Managed Service Provider who can help your day to day IT operations run smoothly?  CATS Technology Solutions Group may be exactly what you have been looking for!  Here are the top 5 questions, and responses, to help you get to know CATS Technology a little better.

  1. Where is your office located?

CATS Technology’s main office is located in East Brunswick, NJ.  However, we have technicians located throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

  1. How many technicians do you have?

CATS has 20 full time technicians.  Each technician has their own set of skills and receives training on a consistent basis to keep up with the latest IT trends.  Our technicians are constantly obtaining new certifications enabling them to enhance their skillset.  Now that you know that, imagine how strong this CATS team is!

  1. Do you offer on-sites, or is everything done remotely?

If a support issue is not able to be handled remotely, we will dispatch a technician to your site the same day!  Bottom line is we will do whatever we have to do to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible. 

  1. Do you offer a help desk?

Yes!  We have an advanced ticketing system that organizes and prioritizes all incoming tickets as well as assigns them immediately to a team member ensuring that all of our client are being supported in the quickest and most efficient way possible. 

  1. If I’m having an IT issue, when can I get in contact with someone for a resolution?

Anytime!  CATS Technology is available to our clients 24/7, all year long.  Even if a problem arises outside of our normal business hours, a technician is always on call to assist you.


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