Top 5 reasons IT Consulting is Important for Your Business

July 15, 2013 1:00 am
IT Consultants NJ

IT Consultants NJ

IT Consultants can save you money:

A company may seek the help of consulting services for budgeting and planning. Choosing CATS is much more efficient than depending on the limited knowledge of one or a few employees, and it’s also much less expensive. (Take a look at our example below to see just how much!) For this example, we assume you are a small company with 10 employees, 4 servers. The CATS contract level for this size company would be approximately $2000 per month, or $24,000 per year—and all the management headaches are ours.

Or you could:

  1. Hire one employee for $55,000.00 per year (low end)
  2. Plus benefits, which, according to my PPO, AMBROSE, would cost approximately $7,000.00 per year (assuming the employee has a family)
  3. As the employer, you are required to pay approximately a 7% payroll tax as well as a UBT tax.  This is an additional tax of approximately another $3,850.00
  4. You would also have to match contributions into a 401k, assuming you are making your own contribution as the owner.  Let’s call this another $2,500.00

The cost for a single IT staffer: $68,350 + External Support ($8,000) = $76,350 per year. The approximate cost for CATS per year: $24,000 per year. You would save $52,350 a year by using CATS as your single source for all IT solutions. Wouldn’t it be better to have this money in your pocket?

IT Consultants can save you time:

Having an outsourced IT team gives your business a team of individuals that are constantly checking the statuses of your systems. This team can verify a problem before your employees notice it. Because of the larger group of individuals there is always someone available to work on a solution when disaster occurs. This helps keep your business running smoothly with minor downtime. As if you only had one IT employee, you may experience larger amount of downtime. Good IT consultants are on hand at all times. They can access your network and backed up data to get you and your employees back on track.

IT Consultants are there when you need them:

When hiring an outsourced IT company like CATS Technology you will have a team of well experienced professionals with each excelling in different parts of the industry. And when hiring only one IT professional, he may be excellent at data back-up but poor at network security. With an outsourced IT company you can use CATS Technology permanently, to fill in when your IT employee is out sick or on vacation or simply doesn’t have the skills. Another hassle you will avoid by choosing CATS is staff recruitment and replacement. You will no longer have to hire and fire. Most important is you will be free to focus on growing your business rather than dealing with IT issues.

IT Consultants can offer Network Security and Antivirus Protection:

Our networks are often vulnerable to the attack of virus or malware. This attack could be from internal or external sources. Therefore, network security is an extremely important factor into keeping a business safe. Some companies handle network security through on site measures while others outsource it to IT consultants. Outsourcing is a better measure as the IT consultants are experts in this domain. Every day, new threats and viruses, are generated. CATS IT consultants are up to date with the latest network protection. They offer a high degree of protection from all kinds of security threats as well as keeping antivirus protection up to date.

IT Consultant will keep data backed-up and safe with firewall security:

It is very important to maintain a back-up of the company’s data. It is always advisable to maintain it off site through IT consultants. Onsite maintenance is not an intelligent move, as your data may be destroyed in case of fire, theft or a natural calamity. Our team of experts will defend your network and your business from unauthorized intrusion or malicious software with end-to-end managed firewall security solutions.

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