Let’s talk about Instagram; if you don’t have it, you’ve heard of it (but let’s face it, you probably have it.)  In fact, Instagram currently has over 2 billion active users.  Which means, due to its popularity, it is a common place for hackers to target.


Here are the top Instagram scams to look out for:

  1. The Fake Giveaway Trap

Scam: Accounts will claim to give away expensive items and ask for personal information or payment in return.

Who wouldn’t want a free iPhone from an account with 4 followers and a suspiciously similar username to a popular brand?

  1. Phishing DMs

Scam: Direct messages with links asking for login details.

Who wouldn’t want to share their password with a stranger who can’t even spell ‘Instagram’ correctly?

  1. The Impersonator’s Game

Scam: Fake accounts pretending to be influencers or celebrities.

Finally, my chance to talk to Elon Musk about a groundbreaking idea I have!

  1. Fake Brand Collaborations

Scam: Fake companies reaching out for fake collaborations and asking for payment upfront.

I’m getting sponsored by ‘TotallyLegitBrand’ – because nothing says ‘influencer’ like promoting non-existent products.

  1. The Click-Bait Catastrophe

Scam: Intriguing captions leading to irrelevant or harmful links.

Click here to discover the secret to losing weight in just 5 minutes!

  1. Profile Picture Pranks

Scam: Accounts using attractive profile pictures to lure followers into scams.

Because nothing says ‘trustworthy’ like a profile picture from a stock photo website.


It’s important to always be cautious online, even when you are innocently scrolling through Instagram on your downtime.


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