Two-Factor Authentication Mandatory for Cyber Insurance

November 12, 2021 9:25 am

As the risk of cyberattacks are continuing to rise, more and more businesses are turning to cyber insurance as a way to protect themselves.  Many have realized cyber insurance is an essential asset when owning a business as it adds an extra layer of security and safety.

If you’re interested in Cyber Insurance the majority of insurance companies are making two-factor authentication (2FA) a requirement for purchasing or renewing cyber insurance.  2FA solutions are typically inexpensive and fairly easy to enable and of course well worth it.  When you have 2FA enabled, it adds an additional authentication layer to your account. This means that it will require your credentials, in addition to a secondary code sent to you either by email, text, or 2FA applications. This additional layer makes it harder to steal an organization’s information by requiring 2 “keys” to the account.  The harder it is, the more likely cybercriminals will move on and target a different organization.

The reason 2FA has become a requirement for cyber insurance carriers is due to the increase in cyberattacks.  When 2FA is not enabled insurance carriers feel it is way too risky to offer any cyber insurance coverage to your business.

CATS Technology Solutions Group is here to assist you with any cyber security concerns you may have.  We have multiple cyber security experts who can keep your systems safe and secure as well as guide you in the right direction when it comes to cyber insurance.

Two-factor authentication and cyber insurance are both must-haves.

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