Different Types of Network Security

December 18, 2013 6:28 pm

How To Keep Your Company Data Safe and Secure

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Is your network data secure?

Your computer network is a system of interconnected computers. The basic idea of networks is to allow people to share data between different devices and to allow remote access to geographically distant resources without having to be physically present. This is achieved by transmitting data seamlessly between two or more interconnected devices.

Because their very purpose is to facilitate access to systems and information, networks are by nature, very vulnerable to intrusion.  Without networks, physical access to a system or device would be the only way for a hacker to gain any kind of access to your data.  But with networks, that same hacker can access most any networked device from the comfort of their couch.  This is where network security becomes a virtual necessity for businesses of any size that utilize networks in their operations.

Some companies handle network security through on site measures while others outsource it to managed IT consultants. Outsourcing is a better measure as the IT consultants usually provide continuous and proactive monitoring as opposed to waiting for a problem to occur before taking action when your data may already be lost, stolen or otherwise compromised. Every day, new threats and viruses, are generated and professional managed IT consultants are up to date on the latest network protections. Managed IT services companies offer a high degree of proactive protection from all kinds of security threats.

You may want to consider putting a security plan in place that uses the right technology tools and services to protect your network, including:

  • IT Security Consulting: from firewall installation to intrusion detection services, our certified consultants will ensure your network resources are safe.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): our security experts will create and install secure-access Internet and network connections for your branch offices, traveling staff and telecommuters.
  • Firewall Installation: we will install and configure a secure SonicWALL or Cisco firewall to create a secure barrier between your organization’s network and the Internet.
  • Managed Security Service: for the highest level of security, we can provide proactive, continuous monitoring of your network’s firewall devices

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