Warning: Storing Your Passwords in Web Browsers Poses Serious Risk

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December 4, 2019 12:02 pm

Let’s talk about passwords.  Just because they are one of the most common ways to keep your accounts secure, doesn’t mean you are in the clear.  Many people think – there are a million accounts out there, what are the chances that mine will get compromised?  Unfortunately, cyberattacks are happening everywhere to everyone, and becoming more common as each day passes.


The importance of creating a strong password is stressed over and over again.  However, even if you do that, it isn’t a guarantee that your account will be totally safe.  The biggest concern is when users save their passwords to browsers and don’t have an account attached to it.  Although this still poses a risk, it is much more secure when you have an account that is tied to a web browser and that you need to sign into.


It becomes dangerous when you give web browsers the ability to store your passwords.  The number one reason people like to have their passwords stored in a web browser is for convenience.  Sure, it can get annoying to have to retype your password in every time you log into your account, and can even slow down productivity in some cases.  But is it worth the risk?


Depending on the web browser, some tend to be stricter than others.  While some do their best to hide user’s passwords behind a login, the web browser Firefox, for example, doesn’t ask for any authentication and it is free range to view other user’s passwords.  Although Chrome is considered to be stricter, that doesn’t mean your passwords are completely safe.


There is a very easy solution to this – don’t let your browser store your passwords.  It doesn’t matter which browser you use, they all pose some degree of a risk and can leave your passwords exposed.  If you must store your passwords for whatever reason, make sure the Master Password feature is enabled.  The safest alternative however, is to use a password manager.  The chances of someone viewing your passwords is much lower, and overall much more secure.


Sometimes you have to weigh it out, is the convenience worth the threat?  With cyberattacks becoming more and more common, it’s crucial to be aware of what’s out there and the best ways to avoid it.


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