What is a Help Desk and Why You Need One?

Before we dive into the many benefits of an IT Help Desk, let’s start off with explaining what a Help Desk is.  A Help Desk is a resource center that provides information and support to computer users.  A Help Desk is available for users to contact when problems arise regarding any IT issues.


Reasons for an IT Help Desk:

  1. 24/7 Support Having full time support available is crucial. This helps reduce the amount of time it takes for the problem to be resolved, which helps boost productivity.

Does CATS Technology Offer 24/7 Support?  Yes!  Our Technicians are available to assist all day, every day, whether you are in the office or working remotely.  Another plus is you don’t have to worry about your staff being on vacation, since you get a team of technicians who are readily available to you.

  1. Higher Productivity and Less Stress When you have the assistance of an IT professional from a Help Desk, problems are solved more quickly which increases productivity. If things are working properly, more work is able to get done which causes less stress on the users.

How does CATS Technology Help Improve Productivity?  Between our ticketing system and team of Technicians, your IT issues won’t go unnoticed.  We offer a quick response time and solution to all of your IT needs.

  1. Certified Technicians with Wide Range of Skills – Help Desk Technicians have the ability to fix a wide range of problems due to their training, certifications, and prior experience.

Are CATS Technology’s Technicians Certified and Trained?  Yes!  Our team is made up of many Technicians who have different skill sets and with CATS you get an entire TEAM of Technicians and access to all of these different strengths.

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