Why Can Password Managers be Beneficial to You?

June 21, 2023 2:08 pm

What are Password Managers?

Instead of trying to remember numerous passwords for different websites, a password manager allows you to store them in one secure place. Password managers are software applications that often use encrypted databases to track, store, protect and manage online credentials.


You only need to remember a master password to access all your stored passwords. Password managers can also generate strong and unique passwords for you and auto-fill login information on websites.  Using a reliable password manager is generally safer than not using one at all. They can reduce the risk of being locked out of important accounts and provide encryption for your information.


Benefits of Password Managers

  1. The ability to share passwords securely
  2. Easily change or reset passwords
  3. Securely store more information (memberships, security question answers, payment information)
  4. Cyber Security

This service generally works the same way across all programs, but it is important to understand that every password manager is different. Some of these differences include but are not limited to subscriptions, encryption, as well as device syncing. This is why it is important to dive into prior research before committing to a manager.


Reputable Password Managers

  • RoboForm
  • NordPass
  • Dashlane
  • Sticky Password
  • Avira


To avoid unnecessary breaches or Cyber events, always follow complex password policies for all passwords, especially your master password manager password.

If you are interested in a password manager, please contact the Sales Department at CATS Technology Solutions Group for assistance: sales@catstechnology.com.

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