Why IT Often Bears the Brunt of Cyber Security Breaches

After a Cyber Security breach, it’s common for the blame to automatically fall on IT.  Of course, there are many steps that need to be taken to help prevent Cyber Attacks, but nothing is ever guaranteed.  So why is everyone so quick to blame IT?


  • Visible Role in Technology Infrastructure: IT is responsible for managing and maintaining an organization’s IT infrastructure, so of course when things go wrong it’s easiest for the blame to fall on them no matter how complex the breach is.
  • Lack of Understanding: Many executives and employees have a limited understanding of the importance of Cyber Security and how threats are very sophisticated and constantly evolving.  When a breach happens, it is usually seen as a failure by IT.
  • High Expectations of IT Security: IT is expected to provide security measures to safeguard sensitive data.  However, unrealistic expectations can lead to blame when a breach does occur.


While IT is a critical line of defense against cyber threats, it’s essential to recognize that Cyber Security is a shared responsibility.  Blaming IT alone for breaches oversimplifies the complexity of Cyber Security challenges.


At CATS Technology Solutions Group, we educate all our clients on the importance of protecting yourself against Cyber Attacks.  We offer Cyber Security services and packages, as well as Cyber Insurance options, which is critical in today’s world and economy.  It’s important to have a set Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance plan to stay protected in the most effective way.


If you haven’t utilized CATS Technology’s Cyber Security services and are interested in protecting your organization better, as well as finding out more about Cyber Insurance, please reach out to our Sales Department: Sales@CATSTechnology.com.

For Customers who are enrolled in PII or Cyber Security Training, please make sure to complete your weekly training in order to properly maintain your company’s security.

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