ACT FAST! Process to Upgrade Windows 7 & Server 2008 Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Windows 7 and Server Upgrade
December 9, 2019 1:45 pm

If you haven’t started the process of updating your system from Windows 7 and Server 2008, then you are starting to cut it close because time is quickly running out! Support will be ending on January 14, 2020, which means in a little less than two months, you will be left without technical support, software updates or security updates. If your system is left unprotected, then it is at high risk for cyberattacks.

It may seem like you have plenty of time left to make the upgrade, however, it’s important to know the process does not happen overnight. Although the Technicians at CATS Technology work quickly and efficiently, it is still a lengthy process.

To start, first, your environment and machines need to be reviewed thoroughly. This is done in order to determine if it is more cost-efficient to upgrade everything versus replacing everything. Once that is determined, then a Quote is requested from Dell. Once all the equipment that is needed is ordered, it can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to be delivered. Then, the last step would be to get on a schedule so a CATS Technician can come on-site and get everything up and running.

At CATS Technology Solutions Group, we will do everything we can to get you the resources you need to make sure your systems are updated and secure. However, the time frame to get this done is completely out of our control, and time is quickly running out. You need to act fast; every day that passes ends up being one day closer to being at risk for hackers and cyberattacks. These attacks are becoming more frequent and more dangerous, and hackers are patiently waiting for January 14th to come so they can zero in on those who are left unprotected.

It is now a race against the clock. If you don’t make the necessary moves, is it worth the risk?

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