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Best Data Recovery Solutions in New Jersey

Data recovery & Back Up solutions New JerseyLooking for data recovery services New Jersey?  If you own a business, it is absolutely essential that your company regularly backup important information, which requires you to obtain the highest level of data recovery, data backup and email archiving solutions possible. You must also make sure that those backups are safe and able to be recovered in the event of an emergency.

At CATS, we are experts on all forms of archival backup services, cloud data storage, data recovery services, offsite data backup, and disaster recovery services, including traditional backup systems and online backup services, and we can ensure that all of your company’s critical data is protected, safely stored, and easily recoverable. We can also provide you with email archiving and e-mail storage services to preserve your valuable company information, while at the same time aiding in regulatory compliance, e-Discovery, and legal readiness.

When you partner with us, we will evaluate your company’s needs to provide you with the right solution, then implement and maintain it so you never have to worry about losing vital data. While we offer data recovery services from our offices in East Brunswick, NJ, we are able to extend our data recovery services and data backup technologies across New Jersey and beyond.

Our comprehensive suite of data recovery and data backup services also includes cloud data storage, server data backup, remote tape data backup, and DSD restore software for the most secure business Internet data backup services possible.

For the Best Data Recovery Services for Online and Offsite Data Backup in New Jersey & Beyond, Email Storage and Archiving, Disaster Recovery and More.

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Traditional Backups:

Cloud Computing Services NJOur traditional data recovery and backup approach combines the use of external or internal tape drives with advanced backup software to create exact snapshots of the server system, allowing a complete system restore directly from the backup media. Each backup copies all of your important company data securely onto a tape that can then be taken off site for protection or stored onsite in a secure location like a fireproof safe.

These tapes can give you days, months, or years of data retention, depending on your needs. As we create the optimal backup system for your business, we will implement the appropriate backup rotation scheme. This is a method for effectively backing up data where multiple media (such as tapes) are used in the backup process. The scheme determines how and when each piece of removable storage is used for a backup job and how long it is retained once it has backup data stored on it. Different techniques have evolved over time to balance data retention and restoration needs with the cost of extra data storage media. Such a scheme can be quite complicated if it takes incremental backups, multiple retention periods, and off-site storage into consideration, but our IT experts are familiar with all types of configurations and can design the right one for you.

We can also implement site-to-site backups, where you backup data over the Internet to an offsite location that is under your control, such as another office. Regardless of the type of system we use, we will ensure that your data, once backed up, is safely stored in a secure onsite or offsite location, and is easily recoverable in the event of a disaster.

Online Data Backups:

Another data backup option, which is often more affordable for small to medium-sized businesses, is online backups. We provide you with simple, scalable, secure and affordable online backup and recovery of data stored on desktops, laptops, and Windows servers.

Our solution has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and Web-based administrative console. Enterprise-quality features such as version (snapshot) support give users the option of restoring from multiple file versions up to 30 days in the past. Additionally, it provides backup for mission-critical data on multiple servers including SQL, Exchange, and file servers, and allows you to back up networked or mapped drives. There’s no need to close files when you want to back them up, and backups can be automatic or scheduled.

All data is protected with 448-bit Blowfish and 128-bit SSL during information transfer and storage. Additionally, the private encryption key options let you manage your own private key to encrypt your data. Near continuous data protection means the system automatically detects and backs up new and changed files on a schedule that you determine–for instance, nightly, or even every two hours.

Once backed up, your data is secure at data centers with 24x7x365 onsite monitoring and security, state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems, and seismic safeguards that can withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Redundant power distribution units and diesel generators ensure that even in the worst of circumstances, your data is intact and safe.

Email Archiving:

We make it both easy and convenient to help you locate specific email messages when you need them, help you better cope with the growing volume of emails, and gain control over your email management storage costs while ensuring compliance and increasing performance and efficiency. We offer cost-effective, enterprise-class email archiving for organizations of all sizes, providing you with intelligent features such as integrated Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), Direct Archiving for instant archival of incoming mail, full email continuity and disaster recovery, and seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Our products combine efficiency and innovation to give you a powerful email lifecycle management system that offers tamperproof, long-term storage of emails with easy retrieval capabilities and full-text searching. We enable you to preserve all electronic messages on a broad range of storage media, offloading the strain on Exchange servers. Additionally, we can eliminate the unnecessary waste of critical space by using Single Instance Store technology, which checks to see if emails and attachments have already been archived, no matter how many Exchange servers are connected. Every email or attachment will only be archived once, dramatically reducing your Exchange storage — by 80% or more!

The data backup and recovery system is fully transparent with Outlook and OWA, so users experience no difference between archived messages and non-archived messages. No special software needs to be installed on users’ machines for archiving to take place — only a small icon in Outlook indicates that an email message has been archived. Messages can be searched, edited, forwarded, moved to other folders or deleted. Unlike traditional storage methods, it is interactive, enabling users to access and retrieve archived messages at any time, immediately and transparently. The Direct Archiving feature enables archiving of emails upon receipt. Immediate archiving onto storage media improves the performance of the Exchange Server, helps to ensure legal compliance, and diminishes the necessity to apply scheduler, threshold and quota archiving jobs.


When you choose CATS to provide data backup solutions for your company, it will give you immediate peace of mind. Here are a few other benefits:

Online Backups Give You Maximum Protection for Minimum Cost

A complete disaster recovery package can be very expensive. However, now you can have the same protection at a much lower cost, with online backups. Your data will be consistently backed up, then stored in a secure offsite location so that it is safe and recoverable, no matter what happens to your computer network or your office.

Archiving Email Protects You and Your Company

In the event of a lawsuit or regulatory compliance question, archiving allows you to easily pull up any pertinent emails. They can also provide invaluable information on projects if a key employee leaves suddenly.

Backing Up Documents Will Save You Time and Money

How many times have you lost an important document, or failed to save changes that took you hours to make? Regular backups give you the ability to restore files quickly and easily, ensuring that you and your employees never waste valuable time recreating work again.

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