Meet Beverly Armstead!

March 19, 2018 9:11 am

Beverly is a Dispatcher at CATS Technology Solutions Group.  She grew up in Bridgewater, NJ, and attended Raritan Community College.  She then went on to attend Ohio Dominican College in Columbus, OH, where she studied Elementary Education and carried a 3.8 GPA.

Beverly first fell into dispatching when she returned from Ohio in 1999.  She answered an ad for a limo service in Edison and was hired on the spot. From that moment on, she has been involved in many different areas that make up a business, including a Dispatcher, Res Agent, Account Retention Point, Marketing and Sales (except for Billing – she says math is not her strong suit!)  Beverly loves that the industry is so unique, and that every day is different and unbelievably interesting, which is why she stayed with it for so long.

In her free time, Beverly enjoys spending a lot time with her family.  She also spends her time volunteering at a local animal shelter and provides “Freedom Rides” for animals in many local shelters that are ‘Times Up.’  This means they are about to be put down, for no fault of their own, but basically just due to overcrowding.  Since there could be a last minute foster willing to take the pet in until a permanent home can be found, Freedom Rides are known to be urgently based.  Beverly has rescued a pit bull from a NYC shelter and, after working with him for a couple of months, he was placed in a very loving home where he is treated like royalty. She says this is her biggest hobby; welfare of shelter animals.

Beverly doesn’t have any specific goals for the future.  After being both a big fish in a small pond, and a small fish in a big pond, she came to the realization that her goals are ever changing.  She has learned what works best for her is having a flexible future. She feels that goals keep people focused on the golden ring, but sometimes people may want a ruby, diamond, or pearl, so she doesn’t want to limit herself from any wonderful surprises life may present to her.

Fun Facts About Beverly:

  • I love history, learning about it, visiting historical landmarks
  • My humor sometimes gets me in trouble…. lol
  • Please adopt, don’t shop!

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