Meet Nuno Nogueira!

Meet Nuno Nogueira
July 28, 2020 11:43 am

Nuno is a Senior Solutions Architect at CATS Technology Solutions Group. He was born in Portugal and moved to America with his parents when he was 3 years old. Since then, he has been a New Jersey resident, with the last 35 years spent in Union with his wife and kids.

Nuno earned his Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering from Union County College. A lot of his knowledge in the field has been self-taught through reading, videos and hands on experience. Nuno’s first real network experience was a summer job working in his college electronics lab. He was asked to help set up computers in the lab running Novel and network them together (Bus topology). Although he pursued a career in Electronics after college, he always enjoyed working with computers, networks and servers in his spare time. It wasn’t until one day a friend of his convinced him to make the career change.

In his spare time, Nuno has many hobbies. If he had to pick a few favorites, he enjoys traveling with his family, going to Yankees games, and riding his motorcycle. Nuno has many goals for the future. On a personal level, his focus is making sure his family is happy and healthy, and that they get to enjoy some of the things he didn’t have growing up. From a career perspective, he has always been fascinated with cloud technology and security. He has been working hard recently on obtaining his cloud certifications and hopes to pursue a degree in Cybersecurity.

Fun Facts About Nuno:

  1. I enjoy watching all types of movies except the old black and white ones. While my kids are still young, we try to setup family movie night a few times a month. My personal top 3 movies are Star Wars, Bad Boys and Scarface.
  2. Although I’m not a great golfer I enjoy going out on the course just to relax for a few hours where I can have a good time with friends and blow off some steam. For me a day involving friends, golf, cigars and drinks is always a good time regardless of what the scorecard reads….lol
  3. Me and my wife experienced a 6.7 magnitude earthquake with multiple smaller aftershocks midway through our honeymoon in Hawaii. We were going from Oahu to Maui and all islands lost power for most of day. At the airport everything was done manually which made a 30-minute plane flight last a whole day but we did make it to Maui in time for a late dinner.

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