What is Server and Network Maintenance?

September 10, 2013 7:00 am


System maintenance is a general term used to describe various forms of computer or server maintenance required to keep a computer system running properly. It can describe network maintenance, which could mean that servers are being physically repaired, replaced, or moved. Network maintenance can also mean that the software for a server is being updated, changed, or repaired. This sort of maintenance is typically performed on a regular or semi-regular schedule, often during non-peak usage hours, and keeps servers running smoothly.

Internet Technology (IT)  professionals often use system maintenance to describe any sort of repairs being performed on a computer or multiple computers within a network.  IT maintenance can often take hours to complete, and IT professionals usually describe the work in general terms to avoid the timely explanations required for more specific language. When websites are inaccessible due to attacks from hackers, server problems, or for updating and repair, the administrators of the website will often display an image apologizing for the maintenance and website downtime. This allows users to understand that the website cannot be used and that the administrators are aware of the issue.


Proactive Server Maintenance is a low cost way of making sure that the server systems you have are monitored, maintained and checked for issues on a regular basis. By having proactive, regular maintenance you avoid many of the most common reasons seen for systems failure. Some of the tasks done in a proactive maintenance includes: Basic 24×7 Monitoring, Windows Updates, Security fixes, Event Logs review and corrections, disk space review and cleaning, Antivirus and Backup Validations and reconciliations, Reboots, Defrags, Quarterly Object Recovery Test, Automated Server Maintenance, and Quarterly Basic System Administrator Review.


Preventative maintenance is often performed by IT professionals, usually because a potential problem or security threats has been recognized with a computer or server, and the system administrators are working to deal with the issue before it becomes a true problem. This sort of maintenance is often seen as unnecessary or inconvenient by users who find work interrupted by the sudden need to fix an issue that has not yet affected the user. Preventative maintenance keeps users from encountering far more serious problems and therefore is essential to continued system reliability.   If we don’t do maintenance it’s possible to get hit with a severe issue that could render your business to be down for many hours.

To minimize any downtime for our clients, we perform scheduled maintenance in a time frame that disrupts other users as little as possible. Scheduled maintenance is ideal for actions like emptying temporary files, running defragmentation programs on hard discs, and clearing out server caches. While we can’t always wait until scheduled maintenance to address particularly dire problems with a computer or server, administrators will often allow minor issues to persist and simply be worked around until the scheduled maintenance can be completed, rather than interrupt the users that rely on the system.

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