Why Your Company Should Take Advantage of Cloud Computing

November 5, 2018 11:19 am

In the past, when people ran applications and programs, they were first downloaded onto a computer or server on-site. With the advent of cloud computing services, this is no longer required. Workers in New Jersey are able to access these same programs and apps using nothing more than an Internet connection. You may wonder why companies are choosing the cloud now and whether it is right for your own company. We’ll share exactly why cloud computing is right for you.

Higher Level of Flexibility

If your company has fluctuating bandwidth needs, cloud services are a great option. When you need more power, you can scale up your capacity but when the need goes back down, you can go back to your former capacity. This isn’t something that is available with on-site servers. As such, it’s no surprise that many IT directors are turning to cloud computing services to meet their needs.

Automatically Updated Software

With your servers being off-site, it also means that taking care of the technicalities isn’t your responsibility. Instead, the supplier of your services will take care of updating new software updates, including security updates. This leaves you to spend time on things that are more important to you. Having just this task off the table can save you money and time.

Better Document Control

When more than one person is working on a document, it’s crucial to have proper document control. If you do not have the cloud, this might mean sending documents back and forth between workers. Only one person can work on a document at a time, which can lead to issues with formatting, content, and titles. With cloud computing, the files are centrally stored, so everyone sees and can edit the same exact version.

Disaster Recovery Options

You should already have some form of disaster recovery in place, but if not, the cloud can help with that. This is especially important for those who own smaller businesses without as much expertise or cash for a robust disaster recovery plan. Cloud based services can prevent the need to put up a large investment while offering third-party expertise, as well.

At CATS Technology Solutions Group, we offer many cloud computing solutions in New Jersey.

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